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Former First Lady Barbara Bush is a Handsome Woman

This is my first posting and I will make it a short and, hopefully, painless one. I simply wish to note that I believe that former First Lady Barbara Bush is a very handsome woman. Every time I see her snowy white hair, her stately high-necked skirt suits, and her steady, powerful gaze I become slightly weak in the knees. Oh how I wish that I had been born a generation earlier and into the Walker/Bush clan so that I might have swept her off of her feet. If you too feel that former First Lady Barbara Bush is the cat's pajamas then please feel free to respond and let me know what your favorite aspects of this remarkable lady are.

The Patriot

Mr. Adams I truly expected something spectacular for your first post, but I am left with a post about your lust of Ms. George H.W. Bush? Disappointing.

Hopefully, there will be some quality material on this blog, and it will become a safe haven to those of us in the "minority" of political affiliation here at a law school in Milwaukee.

Anyway, Congrats on the new blog, the first post, and hopefully a pleasant future.

Now go save Dafur!

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