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Upcoming Death Penalty Debate

The Federalist Society will be one of the sponsors of an interesting debate and discussion on the death penalty in Wisconsin. This November, there will be an advisory referendum on the ballot asking voters whether or not Wisconsin should have the death penalty. In light of the controversial nature and general interest in this issue, the Federalist Society and the Criminal Law Society are sponsoring a debate at the law school.

We have assembled an incredible panel, including Professors Geske, Blinka, O'Meara, and McAdams, Charles Rice of Notre Dame Law, Neil McGinn of the State Public Defenders Office, Larry Dupuis of the ACLU, and Jeff Greipp of the Milwaukee County DA's Office. Assistant Dean Rofes will be moderating.

The debate will be on November 1st at 6 PM in room 307 of the law school. We hope to see you there.