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Professor Kmiec on Gay Marriage

Professor Douglas Kmiec of Pepperdine University (who will be speaking this Friday at a Federalist Society luncheon) has an article in National Review Online about the gay marriage issue. He argues against recognizing gay marriage...
Same-sex-marriage bans make good sense for many sound cultural and religious reasons. But beyond that they come to terms with something often overlooked, the empirically undeniable fact of de-population.
It is an interesting article and definitely worth a look.

You must realize that this article is just silly. I hope this was posted for humor's sake.

That the author would argue that same-sex marriage should be ban simply to encourage procreation is asinine. How does banning two individuals who love each other (but yet, cannot technically have children) from getting married increase the population? Based on that logic, only couples who can procreate may get married. Does that sound like good policy?

However, I must admit it's nice to see the gay haters couch their argument in a new way. Population decline...amazing.

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